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Hacking, child pornography, identity theft, cyber bullying, hate crimes...

I have successfully confronted these threats for over 20 years via federal and state agencies as a computer safety expert.

How many of you let your children have a computer in their own room or in a place where they can log on in total privacy? If you are not able to walk behind your child and see what he or she is doing at any given moment, then you are exposing your child to something potentially harmful. All of us were told by our parents not to talk to strangers.

Today that stranger is no longer lurking in the park or in a van parked on the corner. No, today, that stranger walks right through your front door, past your alarm system, and down the hall into your child's bedroom. That stranger is teaching your children about sexual matters that even you don't know about. If you are going to let your child have a computer in his or her bedroom at least take the door off the hinges.

The Internet is a part of our lives and isn't going away. As an individual, and especially as a parent, you must understand the computer and its use. Most of the problems that I have encountered have come from homes where the parents were so intimidated by the computer that the kids were in charge of it. Even though children may have better technical skills, don't be intimidated by their knowledge. Children still need advice, guidance, and protection. Teaching your kids about online security will serve them well for the rest of their lives — it is your responsibility as a parent in today‚Äôs world to teach them safe conduct on line.

Contact me now and you will receive valuable tips about Internet security at home.

I am happy to discuss by telephone at (914) 714-3086 how my presence at your next community or association event will make a difference in protecting those around you by giving them the knowledge they need.


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