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Philip M. Rosenthal — Computer & Internet Safety Expert

Do you lock your doors at night? Would you ever leave your wallet out unattended in a public place? How often have you reminded your children not to speak with strangers? But what steps have you taken to protect yourself, your business and your children from cyber crime? Are you aware that, according to the FBI, computer crimes are the fastest growing kind of crimes in the US?

As a Computer Forensic Investigator, with many years of experience, I am absolutely dumbfounded at the number of people who let their guard down when they or their children are online. Everyday hundreds of Americans are victims of cyber crime, criminal acts that incorporate a computer or Internet component. The most vulnerable segment of the population are children who spend more time on the Internet than in front of the TV set. In today’s world it is crucial to be aware of what lurks behind the screen of your computer.

Computer crime reaches into the workplace and the home. You absolutely need to be aware of the potential damage created by computer intrusion or hacking. How would electronic eavesdropping, database mining or malicious software affect your business? Can you picture the nightmare of identity theft? Even worse, imagine facing cyber stalking, child pornography, cyber-bullying and hate crimes brought into your life or corporations from unsafe computer habits.

Whether it is a home, a business or a child — I can make a difference. Call me today at (914) 714-3086 to discuss how my presence at your next community or corporate event will improve not only your Internet security but also that of those around you.

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